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Root Canals

The Truth About Root Canals

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A root canal is a treatment where damaged nerve tissue and pulp inside a tooth is removed, with the resulting cavity closed up afterwards. Despite being an entirely routine procedure, there are still many misconceptions surrounding root canal treatment. Here at Down House Dental Practice, we can help dispel the myths, revealing what’s true and… Read More

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Oral Hygiene

Maintaining Dental Hygiene

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Having good oral hygiene is essential if you want strong and healthy teeth and gums. Here at Down House dental practice in Brighton, we have lots of suggestions for your oral hygiene, to help keep your oral health in check.

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Botox in Brighton

All about Botox in Brighton

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Anti-wrinkle treatment, also known as Botox is an incredibly popular injectable treatment with an unbelievably diverse background in aesthetics and medicine. In fact, because it is prescription only, it literally is the definition of aesthetic medicine. If you’ve been considering Botox but feel that you’re still unaware of its capabilities then fear not, as we… Read More

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What do anti-wrinkle injections do

What do Anti-Wrinkle Injections do?

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Anti-wrinkle injections, or Botox, are an injectable treatment used for softening the appearance of wrinkles and lines in expressive areas. They’re very different to dermal fillers, though both can be used in conjunction with the other for overall facial rejuvenation. We know that the name ‘Botox’ has become pretty commonplace over the last few years,… Read More

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Why choose Invisalign

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It has been reported that as many as 40% of the British public are currently unhappy with their teeth. Our teeth certainly mean a lot to us, for their visible during almost all of our speech and expressions. If you’re unhappy with crooked, misaligned, or just generally unappealing teeth, then the chances are you’ve considered… Read More

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Dental Implants vs Veneers

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Both dental implants and veneers aim to transform smiles, however the question of putting both against each other isn’t the correct way to look at it. Confused? Well, they both fall into different categories in dentistry terms because they actually do different things. It’s easy to get confused, so let’s dive into the worlds of… Read More

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Do dental implants break?

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Dental implants are made of either ceramic or porcelain because of the materials appear and feel just like real teeth. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean they can’t break or chip occasionally. Just like your real teeth, they are not invincible and are subject to damage or wear and tear. Dental implants can indeed break under traumatic… Read More

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Choosing a dental practice near you - Down House Dental Practice Brighton Blog

Choosing a dental practice near you

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There might be lots of dentists and dental practices near you, but how do you choose the right one? How can you be assured of the quality and the expertise of the dental practice you’re visiting? Well, we’ve compiled a little list of what you should expect from your dental practice in Brighton.

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Celebrities who use Invisalign invisible braces Brighton - Down House Dental Practice

Celebrities who use Invisalign invisible braces

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It’s no secret that the Hollywood smile is worked towards, as nobody is born with the perfect teeth. Even the Hollywood A-listers that have popularised the pearly white smile have to undergo even a little work to really achieve flawless teeth. They make it look very easy and effortless, true, but we guarantee there are… Read More

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