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The Technology Behind the Invisible Braces at our Worthing Practice.

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Dentistry IQ magazine has remarked upon the rise in orthodontic procedures; up by 34%, in recent years. Is this because photos shared by friends and family on social media is forcing people to up their game when it comes to their teeth? After all, with so many effective restorative and alignment dental treatments available, what’s… Read More

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Invisalign braces for adults in Worthing

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Model Winnie Harlow has been quoted in many style magazines this week, giving her support for Invisalign braces. The points she makes is that if beauty is important for your career, or the confidence you have in your looks is important for your happiness, then why shouldn’t you wear braces. She was, we believe, addressing… Read More

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Straighten your teeth discreetly with Invisalign

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Many of us notice our teeth shifting their positions over time. This is due to the daily chewing and biting motions we make over many years. Once teeth move out of alignment, or if your teenage son or daughter’s adult teeth have developed in crooked positions, our talented dentists here at Downhouse Dental in Worthing… Read More

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How discreet are invisible braces?

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The thought of having fixed braces puts many people off the idea of having braces in Steyning. No matter how urgently they might need tooth-straightening treatment, or how straight teeth can potentially improve futures; love lives and career prospects, not to mention boost your confidence in your looks, they can’t see beyond the ugly metal… Read More

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