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Botox in Brighton

All about Botox in Brighton

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Anti-wrinkle treatment, also known as Botox is an incredibly popular injectable treatment with an unbelievably diverse background in aesthetics and medicine. In fact, because it is prescription only, it literally is the definition of aesthetic medicine. If you’ve been considering Botox but feel that you’re still unaware of its capabilities then fear not, as we… Read More

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What do anti-wrinkle injections do

What do Anti-Wrinkle Injections do?

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Anti-wrinkle injections, or Botox, are an injectable treatment used for softening the appearance of wrinkles and lines in expressive areas. They’re very different to dermal fillers, though both can be used in conjunction with the other for overall facial rejuvenation. We know that the name ‘Botox’ has become pretty commonplace over the last few years,… Read More

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