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Celebrities who use Invisalign invisible braces

It’s no secret that the Hollywood smile is worked towards, as nobody is born with the perfect teeth. Even the Hollywood A-listers that have popularised the pearly white smile have to undergo even a little work to really achieve flawless teeth. They make it look very easy and effortless, true, but we guarantee there are plenty of celebrities that have received dental work – including braces and invisible braces. In fact, there are some very famous faces that have benefited from Invisalign, the invisible braces we offer right here in Brighton.


Celebrities who used Invisalign invisible braces:

Justin Bieber is perhaps one of the most well-known celebrities to receive Invisalign invisible braces, and he’s historically been fairly open about this. He’s worn his aligners to events, red carpets, and interviews, proving his dedication to treatment as they’re actually removable. Justin Bieber is a great example of how these invisible braces can be used for teens.


Serena Williams is another prolific person to receive Invisalign treatment, and perhaps not strictly a ‘celebrity’ but a legendary sports person. The 23 Grand Slams winner was preparing her winning smile from the age of 16, when she received Invisalign invisible braces as a teenager. Yet another testament to their suitability for younger patients!


Khloe Kardashian, member of one of the most notable and well-known television clans possibly ever, revealed she used Invisalign invisible braces in 2013 to straighten her wayward teeth. No doubt favouring the discretion of their transparency and removability, she continues to sport a straighter smile.


Billie Eilish, up and coming teen pop-alternative sensation who has been appearing at many notable festivals, uses Invisalign currently to straighten her teeth. She’d often forget to take them out before recording songs, leading to her collaborators joking that the sound of her removing and putting away her aligners could become her trademark in her music.


Anna Kendrick, witty actress most noted for films like Pitch Perfect and Into the Woods, revealed that she wears Invisalign in her own trademark humorous way. In 2013, she revealed that her colleagues and co-stars began referring to the invisible braces as ‘Anna’s Grillz’.


Why invisible braces are so popular with celebrities

Invisalign invisible braces are so popular with celebrities because of these 4 reasons:

  • They’re transparent, so very discreet
  • They’re removable, so you can take them out for occasions
  • They achieve results comparatively faster than traditional braces
  • They’re comparatively more comfortable than traditional braces


They’re not just for celebrities, though. We at Down House Dental Practice are proud to offer Invisalign invisible braces in Brighton! If you’d like to find out more, contact us today on 01903 813212 to arrange your initial consultation.

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