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Choosing a dental practice near you

There might be lots of dentists and dental practices near you, but how do you choose the right one? How can you be assured of the quality and the expertise of the dental practice you’re visiting? Well, we’ve compiled a little list of what you should expect from your dental practice in Brighton.

Support for nervous patients

Every good dental practice should support nervous patients, because dental phobia is so common. In fact, the NHS even recognises dental anxiety and provides tips on how to conquer it. You should find yourself a dental practice that doesn’t rush your appointments, takes time to answer your questions, and allows you to bring along a friend or family member to your appointments for support. At Down House Dental Practice, we understand that not everyone’s first few experiences with the dentist are fun, and this can lead to you avoiding visiting in later life. We want every experience to be a positive one, so we will help you overcome your dental phobia.


Affordability and accessibility

Find a dental practice that is both affordable and accessible. This might include a dental plan, membership, or even finance for the more expensive or cosmetic treatments. We offer different levels of membership at our dental practice, so you can get exactly the care you need on-budget. Our membership plans range from 2-6 dental hygiene appointments a year alongside 2 examination appointments a year. We also offer 0% interest finance for up to 12 months on some of our more specialist treatments such as teeth whitening, helping you to spread the cost of achieving a brighter smile.


High-quality essential care

If you’re not seeking a dentist for cosmetic dentistry, then you’re seeking one because you might be noticing changes in your teeth. This means you’re looking for a dental practice with high-quality essential care treatments such as dental hygiene appointments to fight gum disease, root canal treatment, or even wisdom tooth removal. Naturally, you need to find a dentist who will perform these health-essential treatments with the upmost care, consideration, and confidentiality. This is why you need a dental practice like Down House Dental, because we continue to earn positive reviews from happy patients that trust us with their treatments.


Dental practice in Brighton

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