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Downhouse Dental – Invisalign braces for teenagers in Worthing

How well do you understand what your teen is going through? If you’re a parent to a teenager, it’s been a few years since you were a teenager yourself, so you may not remember the awkwardness you felt when hormonal changes took place. 

The I newspaper recently summed up the next generation as more open minded, more gender fluid and more politically engaged then previous generations. However what hasn’t changed is the bashing to your self-confidence you take when your body and skin changes.

Spots erupt unexpectedly, your once-familiar body becomes unrecognisable as it transforms into an adult body and with the natural tendency towards self absorption that occurs at this age, there’s also huge competition to look as good as you possibly can.

It might not sound like it, but this is an ideal time to get crooked teenager teeth straightened; before your teen starts applying for jobs. Many different surveys have shown that a great smile with straight teeth is more likely to get you recruited, or promoted. Dating profiles have also indicated that an attractive smile is important in the quest for love.

Here at Downhouse Dental in Worthing, not only can we straighten your teen’s teeth, but we can do it very discreetly, so as to avoid additional social awkwardness. The Invisalign braces brand uses cutting edge Align technology and practically invisible thermoplastic aligner trays to position your teen’s teeth more attractively, enhance his or her smile, and give your child a better starting point to enter the job market.

Several trays will be fitted during the course of the journey of your teen’s teeth, so several dentist visits will be necessary. Once the last tray has been removed, your teen will be in possession of a newly enhanced smile!

 Getting used to a routine with an Invisalign aligner tray

As the aligner trays are translucent, It’s difficult to see them. When your teen goes out to eat with friends, they won’t even be wearing their Invisalign braces because the trays are removable and must be taken out before meals. As long as the trays are worn for 20 hours within a 24 hour period there will be no disruption to the treatment time period.

You can ensure that your teen is complying with this rule and wearing them for enough hours in the day by means of a blue dot indicator on the side of the tray. The blue dot indicator will show you when your teen is ready for their next tray.

We are in no doubt that your teen will thank you for considering Invisalign braces over the more prominent, metal fixed braces that run like a train track across the front tooth surfaces. Please give our reception team in Worthing a call to book your initial orthodontic consultation, to see which braces are going to best suit your teen and how long the treatment period might be.

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