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Downhouse Dental – Do you know why you should visit a dental hygienist regularly

A dental hygienist’s primary function is to ensure your teeth and gums remain clean and healthy. They will check that any minor dental or hygiene problems you are experiencing are resolved before they develop into a more serious situation.

The two most common oral issues your Worthing dental hygienist can keep at bay are gum disease and tooth decay. Do you know how these two conditions are caused and treated? If you don’t know what’s causing them, logically you could be suffering from one, or the other of them, right now. If that is the case, presumably you’re not sure of the consequences of untreated decay or gum disease either.

You might be surprised to learn that gum disease can be very serious indeed. Yes, it can lead to tooth loss, but did you know it has also been linked to heart disease, diabetes and low-birth-weight babies? If you have noticed blood in the sink, or on your toothbrush, after brushing recently, your gums are redder than usual, or even slightly swollen, we would advise you to make an appointment with your dental hygienist straight away!

Tooth decay leads to cavities and often pain – Lots of it. In some cases, your cavities can be resolved with a filling, but in others, you may need to have a tooth extracted.

What causes tooth decay and gum disease?

These two conditions are ultimately caused by the same thing; lingering food deposits on the teeth. Most of us brush our teeth every day, twice a day, but even that doesn’t guarantee that some food won’t remain on our teeth. It’s worth noting that teeth which aren’t perfectly straight are more likely to trap food.

Sugar is particularly aggressive on tooth enamel and when food deposits begin to harden near the gum line, plaque is formed. It’s this plaque that can lead to gum disease.

What will your Worthing dental hygienist do?

If your gums are already showing signs of gum disease, your dental hygienist will apply remedying gum therapy to clean them.

To ensure your teeth are as clean as possible and free from food deposits, your dental hygienist will scale and polish your teeth using the air flow system. This will also make your teeth a shade brighter and feel cleaner!

In addition to this, any anomalies in the mouth that can cause alarm (for instance spots or patches that may signal mouth cancer) should be detected by your dental hygienist early enough for you to receive essential treatment. Your Worthing dental hygienist will work with your dentist to ensure your teeth are well looked after. Let us worry about your teeth so you don’t have to.

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