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Invisibles Braces vs Traditional Braces

Invisible braces, or Invisalign, are the removable brace system that transform your teeth, but how successful are they compared with traditional braces? Which should you choose if you’re seeking a straighter smile? Let’s compare the two to see whether you should trust the old not-so favourites, traditional braces, or the new and advanced Invisalign.

What do they both look like?

We’re sure nobody needs to be reminded of what traditional braces look like. In fact, this is often one of the reasons why people shy away from getting braces even as teenagers, let alone adulthood. They’re bulky, metallic, and very visible on the surfaces of your teeth. Invisalign, on the other hand, are invisible braces, which sounds very futuristic and almost too good to be true. Because they’re made of a clear plastic, instead of metal wires and brackets, they let the natural colour of your teeth shine through. They’re designed like a thin mouth guard, so there are no bulky appendages or fixing points on them, either. Also, because they’re removable, your invisible braces can be taken out for social occasions, so you never have to miss a group photo again.

What do they both feel like?

The aches and pains of traditional braces are also well documented amongst the teenagers and previous wearers. Ask anyone who had previously worn fixed braces whether they hurt, and they will no doubt give you all too honest feedback on them. Because the brackets are fixed to your teeth with glue and the wires threaded through them, they exert a lot of force on your teeth. This leads to them being very achy. What’s more, a bracket could become dislodged or a wire snap, which puts more pressure on your teeth and can cut the soft tissues in your mouth. Invisalign, though, are made of a smooth plastic that are custom-made to your teeth, so they’re a lot softer and more comfortable on your gums and mouth tissues. Also, because they are custom-made to your teeth, they are designed to gradually guide your teeth into a straighter position. You wear an aligner for a few weeks before changing it for your next instalment, ensuring that your teeth are gently ushered into position.

Do they limit your lifestyle in any way?

Traditional braces do, unfortunately, limit your lifestyle a little. For example, there are certain foods and meals you won’t be able to eat while you wear them. Simple foods like biting into a whole apple, bagels, crusty or chewy bread, and toffees will be off the menu until you get your braces removed. Invisalign, on the other hand, aren’t just invisible braces but are also removable braces. This means you can enjoy any item on the menu without fear of food getting stuck in your braces. You just need to take them before you eat and drink anything that isn’t water and put them back in once you’ve quickly cleaned your teeth afterwards. This means you can still enjoy the foods you love and straighten your teeth at the same time. No lifestyle limitations with Invisalign!

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