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Does teeth whitening cause sensitive teeth?

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Nowadays, it can be difficult to find products that are both safe and effective. Sometimes it transpired that you could only pick one, and you either ended up with great results but a lot of discomfort, or nothing to write home about but comfort and ease. Teeth whitening is one of these treatments that, when… Read More

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invisible braces

Invisibles Braces vs Traditional Braces

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Invisible braces, or Invisalign, are the removable brace system that transform your teeth, but how successful are they compared with traditional braces? Which should you choose if you’re seeking a straighter smile? Let’s compare the two to see whether you should trust the old not-so favourites, traditional braces, or the new and advanced Invisalign. What… Read More

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dentist smoking warning

Your Dentist’s warning about Smoking

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Smoking is bad for your physical health. This is something we’ve all known for years, and yet it’s estimated that there are still 6.1 million regular adult smokers in England. The number of people who regularly smoke is in a gradual decline, which is a very good thing, but lots of people still don’t realise… Read More

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Gum disease treatment

How a Dental Hygienist treats Gum Disease

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Nearly every adult in the UK has at some point or is currently experiencing gum disease. It’s an incredibly common and frustratingly preventable dental malady that can be kept at bay with the correct dental hygiene habits at home and visiting your dental hygienist. Learn the signs of gum disease, how to combat it at… Read More

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teeth whitening

Foods that will affect your teeth whitening results

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Teeth whitening is an extremely popular treatment that, with the Enlighten system, could improve your smile by up to 16 shades. However, there are certain foods and drinks that can affect your teeth whitening results and leave stubborn stains on your newly brightened teeth. How do you maintain your teeth whitening results, and which foods… Read More

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dental implants

The health benefits of dental implants

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Everyone wants a healthy and happy smile. We want our teeth to look, feel, and function at their best, but sometimes life has other plans for us. Whether through accident, trauma, or health issues, a missing tooth can drastically affect your confidence in smiling but also your dental health. How do dental implants, a permanent… Read More

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a lady smiling while inserting her invisalign trays

Can Invisalign fix my bite?

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We talk a lot about transforming smiles here at Down House Dental, but braces began with correcting teeth first, smiles second. While the two have become inseparable now, a lot of patients still want to get their treatment and money’s worth by improving their bite while the work to achieve their new smile. Of course,… Read More

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dental health tips for christmas

Maintaining your dental health this Christmas

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There’s so much going on at Christmas, some things just slip your mind or fall down your priority list. One of those things might be your dental hygiene routine, right? Don’t worry, we understand that there’s a lot on at this time of year – school plays, present shopping, and organising your own social and… Read More

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