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bleeding gums and the signs of gum disease

What do bleeding gums mean?

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A dental practice doesn’t just look at your teeth, we pay attention to your gums too. Gums are often overlooked in home dental care, but they’re an important part of your dental health. Here at Down House Dental Practice, we want to share to valuable information on the meaning of bleeding gums, unhealthy gum symptoms… Read More

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teeth whitening with down house

Home teeth whitening for a brighter smile

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A survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed that 50% of participants believed that discoloured teeth were a sign of poor hygiene. This is obviously a very upsetting reveal if your own teeth have yellowed with age, as they naturally do, or through no fault of your own, you have stains on your… Read More

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how to treat bad breath

The causes of bad breath

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We’re sure that after coffee, a garlic-y dish, or a particularly strong serving of food that we’ve all noticed a little twinge in our breath. This is normal, but if this twinge continues to be present then we may be suffering from something a little more sinister than just well-seasoned food. Bad breath, or halitosis,… Read More

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The Dental Implant Process

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When it comes to restorative dentistry, it doesn’t get much more life changing than dental implants. The fixed porcelain implant is a perfect match for your mouth and eliminates the constant removing and inserting of dentures. You’re given a brand-new mouth which is permanently yours. At Down House Dental in Steyning, our principal dental surgeon,… Read More

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What foods are bad for my teeth?

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The saying “you are what you eat” is even more irritating when you realise how true it is. In terms of the health of your teeth, the health of your food choices is extremely apparent. Your dentist can very clearly see what you’ve been eating by the amount of plaque coating your teeth. After we… Read More

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What can braces do for your health?

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We have brilliant news: braces are capable of far more than just straightening your teeth! While our braces are great for, obviously, straightening your teeth, they actually come with a world of health benefit. Not only can we straighten your cosmetic smile, but your teeth could look, feel, and function at their best too.

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