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The Technology Behind the Invisible Braces at our Worthing Practice.

Dentistry IQ magazine has remarked upon the rise in orthodontic procedures; up by 34%, in recent years. Is this because photos shared by friends and family on social media is forcing people to up their game when it comes to their teeth? After all, with so many effective restorative and alignment dental treatments available, what’s stopping you from having your teeth fixed in the same way as everyone else?

If you live in Worthing and you’re fed up of looking at all the perfect smiles on Facebook and Instagram, we can help you achieve similar results. Whether your teeth have always been out of alignment, or they’ve been pushed out of position through years of repetitive biting and chewing motions, we can help. We offer invisible braces treatment that will straighten your teeth in a matter of months and give you a smile you’ll want to capture in photographs!

Modern invisible braces from our Worthing practice are very discreet

So you know you’d benefit from a pair of braces and you’re fairly sure that you’ll feel happier about your looks once your teeth have been straightened. You might even know that there are finance plans in place to help you spread the costs of any dental treatment you have, making our treatments affordable to most people. But you haven’t yet booked your consultation with our Worthing-based dentist. Is it because you’re worried about how the braces will look when you’re wearing them?

Feeling self-conscious about wearing braces is a legitimate fear. Many potential brace wearers believe that if they want to straighten their teeth, their only option is to have metal brackets bonded to the front of their teeth and a wire attached to them. This is obviously unacceptable for many, as it will direct more attention to their crooked teeth – not less!

Fixed metal braces are still an orthodontic option, but they are quite outdated. There are newer, far more discreet choices you can make. Here at Downhouse Dental in Worthing we champion the Align technology behind the Invisalign brand. Invisalign braces have supplied over 4 million happy customers with straighter teeth via their product. Their alignment devices are nearly invisible and removed when eating, so going out for food with friends and worrying about getting food trapped in your braces simply won’t happen!

How do Invisalign braces work?

Instead of brackets, you will be fitted custom-made, clear plastic aligner trays, which will fit snugly over your teeth, much in the same way a mouthguard is worn. The trays will exert pressure on your teeth to bring them into alignment. You’ll wear a series of them; one after the other, as each new tray will further the journey your teeth by taking them to their final, more attractive positions.

Each new tray will be fitted by your Worthing-based dentist. The appointments you’ll have to get a new tray fitted is instead of visiting your dentist to have your wire adjusted. There are no wires on Invisalign trays.

Are you curious to know more? Perhaps you’re curious enough to see how transformed your smile will be? We can do that! We can show you a computer image of how your teeth would look following treatment with our invisible braces.

If this is the case, please give us a call to book your initial consultation. We look forward to explaining to you exactly how Invisalign trays work with a view helping you understand just how easily and discreetly they can improve your smile.

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